General Conditions

The Museum für Naturkunde has commissioned CPO HANSER SERVICE with the organization and execution of the conference. The registration for the conference and the confirmation thereof forms a contract between the conference attendee and the Museum für Naturkunde regarding attendance at the conference.

This contract is based on the following General Terms and Conditions.

Registration Fees for the 79th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society 2016 in Berlin

Attendance at the congress is subject to a registration fee. Registration for the conference and booking of services are binding for the attendee. The fees must be paid in advance on the dates specified. Any bank charges will be charged to the payer.

Cancellation of Congress Attendance

In the event that the attendance at the congress is cancelled by 30 June 2016, the registration fee minus a processing fee of EUR 100 will be refunded.

The attendee will have the option to prove that the expenditure for processing is less than EUR 100. No refund will be made if the registration is cancelled at a later date. Please notify the conference office CPO HANSER SERVICE of your cancellation in writing.

No refund can be made for cancellations received after 30 June 2016 or for cancellations of workshops at any time.

Program Changes

The Museum für Naturkunde reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the program at short notice. There will be no pro rata refund of registration fees for cancelled papers or changes to the program.

Loss of Name Badge

A fee of EUR 50 must be paid to acquire a new name badge in the event that the name badge, which at the same time entitles the holder to attend the congress, is lost. If the attendee is later able to produce the newly acquired and the previously lost name badge, the fee of EUR 50 most recently paid will be refunded. However, a refund is only possible during the conference.

Liability of the Museum für Naturkunde

The Museum für Naturkunde is the organizer of the scientific conference. It is liable within the scope of the laws of Germany. Its liability - regardless of the legal cause - is limited to cases of gross negligence and willful misconduct. The Museum für Naturkunde is, however, also liable for slight negligence if and to the extent that cardinal obligations under the contract are breached.

Force Majeure

For reasons beyond its control (such as war, strikes, lockouts, riots or any such civil disturbances, any acts of God, including but not limited to earthquakes, floods, droughts and typhoons and any other cause of circumstance of whatsoever nature beyond control) that have an impact on the arrangements, timetables or planning of the 79th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society and its corresponding activities in Berlin, Museum für Naturkunde has the right to immediately alter or cancel the activities or events or any of the arrangements, timetables, plans or other items relating directly or indirectly thereto. No party involved shall be entitled to any compensation for damages that result from such alteration or cancellation.